Thumbs and Collective Butts

I feel the real threat to our democracy is the loss of political direction and leadership at the grass roots level. Members of Legislative District Organizations walk around with thumbs up our collective butts espousing party sound bites, like characters out of Gulliver’s Travels. Like Gulliver, we act dull, unimaginative and unable to find a solution to any simple problem that confronts us. With the background, education and intellect to make pragmatic decisions we allow ourselves to be tied down by the pseudo science of corporate fascists who have gleefully sold us the rope.

As America dawdles with green-energy, which will never produce a significant number of family wage jobs, if any, the country that was once first in technology, the one that put the first man on the moon, made the Hubble Telescope a reality and was once the leader in the nuclear industry has allowed Asia to dominate those same technology fields that sprung up through the creative forces and resources of We the People of the United States.

South Korea, who filled the vacuum in the steel industry during the Reagan years, is now the world leader in nuclear energy technology exports. Most recently they were selected to build the first nuclear power plant in the Unites Arab Emirates where there are no trained technicians, allowing South Korea to get the whole construction enchilada.

South Korea [] anticipates building 80 nuclear reactors worldwide over the next ten years throughout Asia while the US purchases Solar Panels and Wind Mills from the Far East in a feeble effort to provide three percent of the US energy needs.

India, China and Russia are following similar energy policies as South Korea. China is using the return on their US investments to develop a high speed rail system from Mangalore to Siberia, through a mutual agreement with the Russian Federation and India, powered, of course, with nuclear energy. In addition, Russia has invited the US to participate in building the worlds longest tunnel under the Bering Strait, connecting Europe and Asia through Russia to the US and North and South America with high speed rail, Nuclear Power and Communications Utilities. So far the US has rejected the plan.

Remember that old saying, “Jump in the middle, there is less chance of falling off the edge. ” We have all the information we need to make a decision. We must take action. It seems to me that we should drop health care issues as a lost cause. Anything that will go into a bill drawn up by out of touch legislators will not help the working class at this time. If there were living wage jobs available, health care costs wouldn’t even be an issue. Nuclear technology is the solution – let’s get back on track.

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