Overview of The Remote Gambling Association

Currently, there are thousands of gaming sites online run by dozens of reputable corporations and other entities acting independently. With so many businesses operating in their respective field, they need a union of sorts to act in the industry’s best interest.
The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) represents many of the world’s largest stock-market listed and licensed remote gambling companies. Their goal is provide the entire industry with one, strong voice on every important issue, including regulatory measures, legislation in various territories, and other key decisions that will affect the industry.

The Remote Gambling Association doesn’t accept membership from just anyone. In order to qualify and be considered for a full membership, all applicants must be officially licensed for gambling activities and operational within the EEA (European Economic Area), the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands.
The RGA states that this does not mean all gambling activities must take place within these areas, only that some of them do. In order for gambling software suppliers to qualify for membership, they must be licensed with or directly supply a member of the RGA. All application forms can be filled out on the RGA home site.

There are many aims and objectives of the Remote Gambling Association. For starters, the group sets out to provide a legitimate and reputable organization for the benefit and service of all remote gambling operators within the UK and EEA, and other registered jurisdictions.
The RGA makes it a goal to also undertake collective negotiations on behalf of its members and organizations affiliated with its members. Furthermore, the association strongly encourages high standards, social responsibility and integrity both with players and operators. Other aims and objectives of the association include operating within the legal parameters of the jurisdiction and only acting in the best interests of the industry.

Like many unionized efforts, the Remote Gambling Association makes it known that awareness is the key to gambling responsibly. To that end, they’re willing to help players in any way necessary to stay fully aware of the resources available to them.
If a player is experiencing any signs of gambling addiction, they can seek help through the RGA; or if a player would like to know information on the subject beforehand, it’s readily available through the association’s homepage.

All members of the RGA have signed up to ensure that social responsibility and age verification are factors taken seriously in gambling. The RGA has well-established methods to ensure that operators are enforcing the high standards.
The RGA also has backing support from reputable organizations such as GamCare, the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, and Gordon House. Together, these groups work to ensure that online gaming sites are only offering fair and honest games, and that all gamers are made fully aware of the risks involved with gambling.

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